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Chateau Lily is a high-level wine supplier and distributor located in Hangzhou, China. This historic location is often referred to as a “heaven on earth,” with a captivating and charming scenic landscape that especially appeals to grape wine lovers, as it evokes feelings that pair perfectly with the fine wines that Chateau Lily has to offer.

We at Chateau Lily strictly adhere to a concept of increasing the current rate of growth in China's wine culture, by educating and providing top-level wines to customers who are committed to a pursuit of quality and luxury. Our cooperation with excellent partners ensures our supply of over 200 great wines, and our current sources range from classics in France, Italy, and Portugal, as well as hot upcoming markets in Chile, Australia, Argentina, and numerous other countries.

You'll feel and understand the difference with Chateau Lily; when you experience wines that not only touches your taste, but also touches your heart.

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